About us

AIS Pipework designs, fabricates, installs, tests and commissions any Pipe System Above or Below Ground in a broad spectrum of market sectors.

Our versatile fabrication facilities means than we can produce bespoke fabrications in many materials.

We are industry leaders in the production of smooth bore Long Radius Formed Bends in Polyethylene.

We have workshops throughout the UK with a workforce has over 250 years combined experience in the design, fabrication and installation of all types of Pipe Systems. Our expertise is in offering the client a bespoke design solution, through to supply, installation, testing and commissioning of a pipe system.

Site installation, testing and commissioning is undertaken by our own fully trained teams and complemented with a fleet of site welding machines for pipe diameters up to and including 1200mm.

Our Fabrication Workshops are fully equipped and include fully automatic butt fusion machines for Polyethylene pipe which fabricates product up to 1200mm diameter.

We have our own Metal Fabrication Shops to support our installation teams with ancillary products. This includes a CNC profile cutter which can produce backing rings up to and including 2000mm OD.

We are industry leaders in the production of Smooth Bore Long Radius Formed Bends in Polyethylene with the capability of producing bends up to 1200mm diameter. Our stocks of plastics pipes, fittings and ancillary items enable us to respond quickly and effectively to the client’s requirements.