Bespoke Fabrications

Using our in-house CAD design facility, fabrications can be produced to meet your exact needs.

We have completed many tough and demanding piping projects for food, pharmaceutical and petrochemical pipe installations along with power plants, wastewater treatment facilities, hotels, hospitals and gas utility installations to name but a few. We understand the complexity and difficulty of projects that utilise a wide assortment of sophisticated piping materials run in congested areas and under difficult environmental conditions.

We have a professional approach to providing pipe fabrication services and a structure to enable us to provide a complete turnkey fabrication service including preparation of fabrication drawings and isometric drawings, the procurement of all required materials, complete pipe fabrication includes marking, cutting, and welding as per the required codes and standards, welding to the highest required and relevant code using ISO certified welders.

Our fabrication workshops are fully equipped with butt fusion, electro-fusion and socket fusion machines, including a fully automatic butt fusion machine for Polyethylene pipe which fabricates fittings up to 1200mm diameter. We have our own metal fabrication shops to support our installation teams with ancillary products (brackets, supports etc) which includes a CNC profile cutter which can produce backing rings up to and including 2000mm OD

We are able to utilise a variety of materials in our fabrication including carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminium, plastic together with specialist materials including high nickel alloys, low temperature A333 and others materials to ensure we meet your specific requirements. From stainless steel pipes to high quality and complex plastic pipework systems, we have the practical experience and the knowledge to ensure your project is completed on time and with few complications.

If appropriate, pipework stress relieve, painting, cleaning, galvanising, NDT, radiological & hydrostatic/ gaseous testing and inspection operations can be undertaken.

Our capabilities include:

  • Pipework up to any diameter
  • Jacketed piping
  • High-pressure and high temperature systems
  • Modular fabrication
  • Non-destructive and hydrostatic testing
  • Threaded systems
  • Undercover storage
  • Manufacture of main and secondary steelwork

The projects that we undertake range from small stand-alone pipework fabrication pieces through to high and low pressure system packages including vessel manufacture, steelwork, access and safety systems and full turnkey project management.

Fabricated Fittings

We can produce fabrications at our purpose built facilities up to and including 1200mm PE pipe diameter.

AIS Pipework Design...

Good design is crucial if a system is to be efficient and productive. And the key to good design is a good working relationship between us and our clients, a relationship that involves discussion, dialogue and debate. Quite simply, as we all know, it's good to talk.

With the support of our drawing office and Computer Aided Design packages we are able to transform conceptual ideas to proposed working drawings and ultimately finished product and systems.

Our pipework design service involves the following:-

  • Thorough site inspections and feasibility studies
  • Choice of most appropriate pipework materials
  • Choice of valves and pressure relieving devices
  • Production of 3D isometric drawings for fabrication
  • Full method statements and demarcation drawings supplied to assist in the installation
  • A procurement service for pipes, fittings, valves and supports
  • Compliance with the Pressure Equipment Directive
  • Seismic assessment of pipework and supports

If you require further information about our pipework design services, or would like to arrange a site visit to discuss your requirements, call 0800 660 550