Pipes & Fittings from Stock

As we fabricate fittings, much of our stock holding is in component form giving us the ability and flexibility to respond quickly to any requirement.

Our supply partners include the following companies:

  • KWH Pipe (UK) Ltd.
  • Radius Systems
  • GPS Pipe Systems
  • Simona UK
  • Fusion Provida
  • FT Ductile
  • Star GMBH
  • Reinert-Ritz GMBH
  • Powerpipe
  • Durapipe
  • Wolseley Group

Long Radius Bends

Produced at our production workshops throughout the country we are industry leaders in the production of smooth bore Long Radius Formed Bends in polyethylene.
Manufactured as standard with radius of 4.5D (4.5 x the pipe diameter).

Polyethylene Long Radius Formed Bends have the following advantages:

  • There are no joints to fail in critical areas.
  • There are no internal beads or corners to cause turbulence, wear or solids build-up within the bend.
  • Flow losses significantly reduced, due to the totally smooth bore and gradual change of direction.
  • Good resistance to wear from slurry or solids.
  • Can produce in sizes 25mm through to 1200mm.
  • Can be formed to any angle.
  • Can be formed to different radii.

Backing Rings

We can manufacture standard or non-standard backing rings in mild steel. With our in-house production we can offer the client significant reductions in delivery times versus procuring from the Far East or India.

Our CNC controlled multi head profile burner can manufacture backing rings to a maximum outside diameter of 1950mm, whilst our range of lathes and vertical borers are used to give an extremely high quality finish.

We also utilise this area to manufacture our own ancillary components such as pipe supports, frames and brackets to support our installation teams.