Sea Outfall Pipes

With a focus on the environment and to improve the quality of our beaches and coastline Polyethylene (PE) is an ideal pipe medium for the transportation of treated effluent out to sea.

AIS Pipework has been involved in many of such projects which generally fall into two categories.

1. Pipe lengths are butt fusion jointed into long “strings” either directly on the beach, shoreline or as near to the sea front as practical prior to being fitted with weight collars. The strings of pipe are then capped off at either end and floated out to sea. When in position above a pre-excavated trench along the sea bed the pipe is filled with water and sunk.

2. Alternatively the whole process of welding pipe into long strings can be undertaken on a barge and laid directly into a pre-excavated trench on the sea bed as the welding and excavation proceeds.
The additional benefit we offer the client is that we also manufacture the special fabrications to compliment these pipelines such as manifolds and diffuser heads complete with stainless steel or titanium backing flanges and tidal flap valves as may be required.